Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

You'll have to excuse the super-corny-Christmas-carol title of this post, in my defence I am singing in the choir for the Hobsons Bay Christmas Carols this year so I have carols on the brain.

Being at home I have discovered allows for a much more on-top-of-things approach to Christmas than is my usual method. I have a fridge full of cumquat and orange marmalade, and all the presents ticked off the list bar two. Even The Mouse getting gastro at Playgroup this week hasn't slowed me down, she's sleeping quite a bit between doses of Hydralyte.

Here's a quick photographic overview of the stuff I have made (rather than the bought presents) for posterity:

 Marmalade: I always forget how long this takes to cook, but turned out yum so who cares.

Senor Pulpo (that's Mr Octopus to you): Slightly odd looking, but still cute (I think?) this little guy is for the new little guy due in April to my brother. I even put a rattle inside him. Hopefully, even if his parents don't like the toy, El Nacho Libre (my brother has a weird sense of humour) will love chewing on him.

TM and her cousin 'little Zo' are getting clothes. 

I even made myself a wreath (Merry Christmas me) for our wall as our place is too small for a Christmas tree. I think it looks nicer in the context of the room than in the above photo.


MelbourneAlly said...

So Cute!! I love them all!!

delia said...

Thanks Ally :) Did you have a great Christmas?