Tuesday, January 08, 2013


So somehow we're already, I feel, well into 2013. I suppose that's because Franklin has gone back to work (his first day back was such a sad day in our house) and we've left 2012 far behind in our minds and in it's place is March 2nd 2013! This is the wedding date of two of our dear friends, and Franklin and I are both in the wedding party. So tonight, very briefly, I'm pausing to look back at Christmas, Camping and NYE, before I think yet again about how the 2nd of March is only 8 weeks away...


Christmas was a lovely day, and as I pause now in the act of typing thinking 'if I write about the lovely food, family and presents, that's actually boring - everyone has that' I remember actually feeling so grateful this Christmas for my families, for our ability to access fresh food and the fact that we have enough money to make or buy each other presents. The Mouse (TM)'s first Christmas wasn't spoiled by shouting, or accident. Nor was it in any way lacking food, warmth, love, or presents. If I thought even for a second that luck had something to do with it, I would say we were lucky, but the truth is we a very blessed. At Christmas time it is so easy to remember we are lovingly created with a purpose and a hope.

We left for Meredith Park, Lake Colac on Boxing Day and had a lovely, if sometimes trialling time away. TM slept surprisingly well in a light, noisy and wind-blown tent next to her mum and dad. White noise was definitely our friend, and I came to love (that's to strong - 'be thankful for' is better) the spider-filled shady tree we were camped under for that reason.

I managed to force-squeeze some camping 'musts' into our trip - roasted marshmallows and damper - which we ate on the very last day. I must say the damper turned out exceptionally well, a good team effort.

It was an absolute pleasure to begin 2013 with seven of the best people that I know. Sure, I know a lot of other people that I love as dearly, calm down BaSiL, and if I didn't have TM I would've loved to have spent NYE in a hot tub. But as it was TM slept while we ate dinner, gorged ourselves on the home-made ice cream sundae bar provided by our generous hosts, had our own little light show and then went to the river to watch the very impressive fireworks over the river.

Oh, and we ate the macarons my mum and I made for Christmas but completely forgot about - strawberry and balsamic vinegar flavoured. Super yum.