Thursday, April 18, 2013

One whole year later

So I was sort of doing a monthly update here on The Mouse's (TM's) progress, but now she's 1 year old, I'm not sure I'll continue.

I have several reasons for this: I don't really want this to be a blog all about my baby; I'm about to start 'working' (read 'freelancing' or 'Oh My God, what am I getting myself into?!') which I want to start to incorporate into this blog (somehow) without making it boring or like advertising or even like self-marketing too much as THAT is also extremely boring; and essentially this is a blog about my life and the things I enjoy doing so I can look back and remember.

Essentially (le sigh) what will change is the target audience, mostly it's just me writing for me at the moment - not much pressure there. But my plan is to sit down and map out a kind of 'shape' for my business and a persona for my business 'face.' Obviously the face is my face, but I'm actually not prepared to throw my whole self out there hoping the internet will catch me. I think there are a few people who have done that and it's worked, but they're the exception not the rule.

In the mean time though, my daughter has turned one, which means we've been mum and mouse for a year now. It's been tumultuous.

Yes, tu·mul·tu·ous [too-muhl-choo-uhs] adjective
1. full of tumult or riotousness; marked by disturbance and uproar: a tumultuous celebration.
2. raising a great clatter and commotion; disorderly or noisy: a tumultuous crowd of students.
3. highly agitated, as the mind or emotions; distraught; turbulent.

But mostly great.

I made her a dress for her party, after finding something expensive in a store that I liked but couldn't afford. I used another dress she already owned to make up the pattern. The first one I made fit, but only just, the second was great. I'm slightly obsessed with Peter Pan collars at the moment - can you tell?

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